Functional Medicine in Northville

Functional Medicine in Northville

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The functional medicine approach to chronic illness management is focused on the patient. It aims to answer the question, “Why are you sick?” so that you may get tailored, successful treatment for your condition.

A functional medicine practitioner spends time listening to you and gathering your medical history. We use this information to determine the illness’s source(s), including factors like nutrition, stress, pollutants, allergens, genetics, and your microbiome (the bacteria living on or in your body).

Once we’ve identified the causes, we’ll put together a robust healthy living strategy for you. Your plan will cover a variety of elements of your life, including physical requirements such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep as well as mental and emotional stressors related to social, employment, and family life.

Root Of the Problem

Conventional medicine only focused on symptoms while Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of your health problems.

Range of Symptoms

Functional Medicine is a holistic approach that can help fix the actual cause of your symptoms while avoiding medications and surgery.

Feel Great Again

Heal naturally and work together to build a healthier lifestyle with a customized treatment plan specific for your body.

We’ve assisted countless people in the Northville area take steps to live happier, healthier lives by lowering the impact of chronic illness on their families.

Functional Medicine in the Northville Area

Depending on your health issue, our Team may suggest consulting with one of our Functional Medicine doctors for your treatment plan. This can be extremely valuable in your overall health and tackling chronic disease. During your appointments, we’ll discuss if Functional Medicine make sense for your care.

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What is Functional Medicine and how does it work?

It’s a form of medicine that focuses on holistic health, finding the root problem, and attempting to provide deep healing to that root problem. Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms. With this methodology, you may be experiencing fewer symptoms, but the root problem is still there. And often, the medicine you’re using to treat the symptoms only works for a certain amount of time.

We try to promote deep healing that increases longevity, happiness, and healing.

What does a Functional Medicine Doctor do?

Functional medicine doctors use specialized training and techniques to find the root causes of complex illnesses. They may investigate multiple factors causing a condition, or they may look into multiple conditions causing one symptom.

A doctor in functional medicine works holistically, considering the full picture of your physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual health.

They consider factors like diet, genetics, hormonal changes, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and other lifestyle components. This type of doctor may be ideal for people with chronic illnesses that aren’t easily managed by conventional medical techniques.

A functional medicine doctor may ask about:

  • A timeline of symptoms
  • Sleep patterns
  • Exercise habits
  • Nutrition
  • Stressors
  • Personal relationships
  • Emotional wellbeing

What does a Functional Medicine Doctor treat?

Most functional medicine doctors solve complex and multifaceted health issues. Examples include depression, chronic pain conditions like arthritis, and inflammatory diseases like Celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The unique processes used by these doctors may help people manage the daily symptoms of chronic disease.

If you do not have a chronic illness, you can still visit a functional medicine doctor. Many also focus on preventative care.

Functional Medicine Care in Northville

Our clinic specialized in Functional Medicine. We help patients all across Northville achieve healthier lifestyles by using these alternative healing methods and opening up natural healing opportunities for your body.

If you’re dealing with a chronic illness or disease, book an appointment with us today and speak with our Functional Medicine Team!

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