Your First Visit

What Should You Expect On Your Visit With Us?

STEP 1: Office tour and paperwork. This will help familiarize you with the office and get all the necessary information that is needed to start care. We will need a photo copy of your ID and insurance card. After we will have you fill out your case history that way we have all the necessary information to best take care of you and your family.

STEP 2: Complete case history review. We will go into detail about why you are presenting with the symptoms you are having. We will examine the cause of your problems and help you understand why your body is functioning the way it is.

STEP 3: Complete chiropractic exam and X-rays. We use state of the art technology to determine the cause of your problems. We use the insight technology to do a neurological exam and static electro-myograph. Typically, X-rays are then taken to further investigate the health of your body. Depending on the person and condition, we may adjust you on the first visit.

STEP 4: Complete report of findings. On the second visit, this is when we go over all the information and give recommendations for care. We review the neuro-muscular scans and X-rays and help you understand the cause and how to correct it.

***If you have any questions or concerns about or procedures and fees for service, please bring that to our attention before you start care in the office. The better we communicate with you, the more we can help! Thank you!