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  • It's As Simple As That!
    Sometimes, being sick or having ailments can seem more complicated than it is. When you understand how the body works, it's easy to understand why it gets sick. Also, when Read more
  • Posture as an Attitude!
    When you see a diver atop a 10m diving board in the Olympics, what do you see? Is he or she slouched or grimacing? Or are they standing tall, proud Read more
  • Give us years of your life to add life to your years...
    Recently, a 7 year wellness patient and I sat down and went over re-xrays that we took to discuss progress and direction for her future years to come. That’s right, Read more
  • California Jam inspired this March 2017
    WE had an amazing time in California for the largest chiropractic seminar in the world! Despite some of the travel mishaps, illness and injuries… it was very informative and inspiring. Read more