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Posture as an Attitude!

When you see a diver atop a 10m diving board in the Olympics, what do you see? Is he or she slouched or grimacing? Or are they standing tall, proud and ready to perform the best dive of their life? What I am getting at is that their posture is a direct reflection of their inner mindset. Posture is an attitude!

I first came across when I met my mentor, Dr Plentz and his book, "Finding that Something in You." When you stand in an upright posture with your chest up and out it not only improves your spinal– biomechanics and reduces stress on your discs and joints, but it actually improves your mood. Your brain recognizes it and pumps positive neuro-hormones and chemicals into your body system and can change or improve your mood! Very cool! When you are in a poor posture and hunched and slouched, you don't get this positive nervous system benefit. In fact, it could make you body worse.

Research is showing that sitting is the new smoking. Meaning, the negative physiological effects of sitting most of the day are just as bad if you smoke. Wait.. What? Yes, sitting damages your body just as much. It puts your body in a negative physiological state and depresses your nervous system, your heart and circulatory system and possibly your immune system. This is why standing desks are becoming so popular. Improving your posture and can change the health of your entire body.

The new buzz word is "text neck." I see all of my patients waiting to get adjusted on their phones in the worst posture possible. This not only makes my job harder, but it's literally destroying your health. You might as well smoke cigarettes! The worst is that I see kids doing it. And they are completely disengaged socially. I feel this will be a significant disadvantage to our future generations. Not only with their health and vitality, but their ability to communicate and get along with other people.

Maintaining excellent posture takes work. You must practice daily. I do! Get adjusted and develop the mindset to be upright and energetic. Your body will speak your mind.

When you see most people with chronic, degernative diseases... take a look at how they stand or sit. Their horrible posture and their illness is not a co-incidence. It is causation. Improved posture is something that takes work, but you will love the benefits you reap. More energy and more life! -Dr. Ryan