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Give us years of your life to add life to your years...

Recently, a 7 year wellness patient and I sat down and went over re-xrays that we took to discuss progress and direction for her future years to come. That’s right, her and her family have been getting weekly adjustments for the past 7 years. She’s one of the many dedicated and certainly, motivated patients that we see here at HFL. The great news is that she is very healthy, despite many past and present challenges. Her ReX-rays showed continued improvement in her structure and function of the spine and nervous system.

I bring this up because it sometimes can take years of regular care to see dramatic improvements in your health. Disease and dysfunction can take years to develop. Health and healing can take just as long. Recent research shows that for every year your body is sick or in a state of dysfunction, it can take the equal amount of months if you aggressively work at restoring your health. For example, if you have 20 years of menstruation issues, it can take at least 20 months to reverse it. That’s if you work very hard at doing that! Are you that commited to getting well? This is a very serious question to ask yourself. Are you willing to give it your all to restore and maintain great health. I’m not talking about ‘just getting by.’ That’s easy and doesn’t take much effort. Great health and vitality takes devotion, time and perseverance. It is well worth it though. Like a savings account, it takes time to build and you will be surprised how your health will unfold and grow.

We also talked about why everyone in the planet doesn’t see a chiropractor regularly. After 8 years of clinical practice and over 100,000 visits at HFL, I’ve came to a couple conclusions. Firstly, chiropractic is way ahead of it’s time. It’s philosophy and approach to health is like no other profession in history. Like any new concept in the history of man, it will take years before it’s completely mainstream. Also, there are very powerful forces against us. Big pharma and the greed from these companies are putting their pocket books ahead of you and your family’s health. More on this another time.

Also, only a few amount of people are really dedicated to their health and fitness. Yes, many have gym memberships, but how many are actually getting results (without injuring themselves)? To be committed to your health day in and day out it requires training, education and daily, hourly motivation and inspiration. Not many can say that, let alone do it. I have had countless hours and spent thousands of dollars to improve my health and even some days I fall short of my commitment to my goals. Unfortunately, I realize this isn’t the majority of people. But, we must do better. It starts with our children. Health and proper rest have to be a priority. Great academic and athletic achievements are insignificant when we sacrifice health.

Let’s get inspired. Like bathing, we must do it daily. I applaud those committed to their weekly adjustments! You’re reaping the rewards!