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California Jam inspired this March 2017

WE had an amazing time in California for the largest chiropractic seminar in the world! Despite some of the travel mishaps, illness and injuries… it was very informative and inspiring. Please, allow me to share some of the clif-notes.

It is undeniable that chiropractic is a powerful player in health care. Science and results continue in our favor. Researchers presented an undeniable relationship between the spine, brain, nervous system and the entire body and health. Any interference to the spine will directly result in dysfunction throughout the entire system whether you ‘feel’ it or not. One of the presenters stated, “ would you rather have a brain problem or a back problem?” Of course, all of us would rather have a back problem. But, a brain problem is a back problem and a back problem is a brain problem. Peer reviewed, scientific research has proven this over and over! Chiropractors having been saying this for over a hundred years!

So, anytime you have dysfunction and/or subluxations in the spine, you have a brain and nervous system problem. This is why we get such great results with a specific chiropractic adjustment!

Your body knows and wants to function well and be healthy. This is your birthright! Interference to your brain and nervous system will cause dysfunction and disease. Chiropractic’s number one goal is to remove this interference to your nervous system and allow your body to function how it is supposed to! We are seeking to restore you to your God-given potential! This is a bit more exciting then just pushing on backs, right?!

How else could you remove interference to your body’s innate, inborn potential? Detoxification. Today, more than ever, we are being introduced and bombarded with more toxins, poisons, and harmful chemicals. Drugs, vaccines, preservatives, pesticides, cleaners, etc… Everyday we come in contact with poisonous materials that are interfering with our innate ability to function well. We must learn to detox regularly. Sweating, fasting, sleep, organic-raw vegetables and certain herbs and products can help us detox. If you have questions on healthy ways to detox, please let us know. This is a very effective way to normalize the body and allow it to function how its intended.

Energy is everything. We are spiritual beings living a physical existence. Not the other way around. Positive thinking and feeling and energy matter. You’ve heard of the placebo effect? Works everytime. The only drug to never be pulled off the shelf. Negative feelings and emotions and energy can have the same effect (nocebo). We must release negative energy from our body. This can interfere just as much toxins or subluxations! Prayer, meditation, creative writing, music, visualization, socializing, being in nature… these are all great ways to release negative energy and feelings that will inhibit you from your full potential. You are destined for greatness. Just get out of the way!